about the artist. . .

"At another time, in another place, light strikes the marks, reflects into a pair of high-precision optical instruments sculpted by nature after billions of years of random mutations; upside-down images are formed against two screens made up of millions of light-sensitive cells, which translate light into electrical pulses that go up the optic nerves, cross the chiasm, down the optic tracts, and into the visual cortex, where the pulses are reassembled into letters, punctuation marks, words, sentences, vehicles, tenors, thoughts. The entire system seems fragile, preposterous, science fictional."

Ken Liu, The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories

Hi, I'm Kira!


I started doing photography in my senior year of high school. Using my family's trusty Canon Rebel that we bought at Costco on sale, I photographed everything in sight. Over the years I gradually figured out my own, personal style, graduated to a full-frame camera, discovered the wonders of film photography, and found my niche in the photography world.

Other than photography, I love studio art (I mostly do paintings such as Chinese traditional brush paintings), and my background in it has given me a unique perspective and aesthetic in the art of photography.